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The Board of Directors of CCATT presents a new Strategic Plan, Momentum 2021. This plan focuses on the purpose, mission, and core values of CCATT and the specific key result areas that are critical to its success.


To be the collective voice representing the community college trustees of Texas.


As the only association of elected officials in higher education, we advocate for community colegs and provide professional development to Texas trustees, to foster student success and ensure excellence in governance.


CCATT is a trusted, recognized source of information for higher education advocacy, and

  • enjoys robust engagment of its members and is a premier source of community college trustee development;

  • operates through effective, collaborative partnerships;

  • is a cohesive, inclusive, high-performing organization;

  • has resources to achieve its vision and goals;

  • the CCATT Board of Directors is committed to achieving collective results

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CCATT 2021

Welcome to the Community College Association of Texas Trustees

The Community College Association of Texas Trustees serves to provide advocacy and professional development to the members of the governing boards of the 50 Community Colleges in Texas. CCATT partners with the member organization of Community College Presidents and Chancellors. Additional information for the individual institutions can be found on the TACC website: Texas Association of Community Colleges